Jumping Jack Frost – Fabriclive Promo Mix

Even just the name, Jumping Jack Frost, evokes a certain heritage within drum & bass circles; one that you’d be hard pressed to beat. Firstly there’s his legacy as a DJ, his friendship with Fabio and his gigs across the world. Then there’s his partnership with Bryan Gee in running the legendary V Recordings. Then there’s the success of his own Philly Blunt Records label and the fact that his name graces pretty much every large scale jungle flyer going. Jumping Jack Frost’s name is simply synonymous with the drum & bass sound.

Starting off at what was then Fridge in Brixton, Frost’s multifarious influences and his command of music travelled far and wide with the explosion of jungle and drum & bass and placed him at the epicentre of a fast growing scene that’s still thriving today. And considering that we’re hosting a room at the annual Playaz Carnival Special in August called ’21 Years Of Jungle’, he’s undoubtedly one of the most perfect people we could ask to play. Ahead of the event and his appearance here in Room Two on Friday 22nd August, he’s kindly put together a rollicking hour long mix that affably displays why he’s still at the cutting edge of a scene that’s already spanned two decades and counting.

This one’s special.

Download: Jumping Jack Frost – FABRICLIVE Promo Mix