J Dilla – Lost Tapes, Reels + More (EP)

Lost Tapes follows last year’s Mahogani-housed Dillatroit, and crams a hefty 20 tracks onto two sides of vinyl. Although Dilla is best known as part of the hip-hop world – through his work as part of Slum Village, solo albums and productions for Busta Rhymes, Phat Kat and more – his connections to house music also run deep, and he worked with Moodymann, Andres, Amp Fiddler and more in his time.

Produced by James Yancey aka J Dilla

A1. Im Bak Nickl
A2. Dilla Beats 2
A3. 73 Soundtrack
A4. Slow as Trick
A5. Monkies N Car
A6. Token Jazz Hour
A7. Videogame 1
A8. Aahhh
A9. Still Laffn
A10. Session 4

B1. Licking
B2. Here We Go Again
B3. 3 Round Da Corner
B4. Me2
B5. Get Dat Negga
B6. Havn Some Fun
B7. Holloween
B8. Clap 4 Me
B9. 9 No ? Please
B10. Go Get Em