Introducing – 'Finding Ourselves EP' Fumei001

As the crisp and refreshing English spring time gives way to warmer summer days I find myself looking for that perfect playlist to compliment the summer haze.  After rinsing the likes of Nujabes, Bonobo and Air for the last few years I felt it was high time I updated my life, that was when I discovered the ‘Finding Ourselves EP’ on Fumei.

The brainchild of Dutch drum and bass genii Signal and Skadi, ‘Fumei’ is a new record label dedicated to showcasing the very best in the deeper side of electronic music.  With so much excitement surrounding the young and extremely talented new artist ‘Signal’, I couldn’t resist taking a sneaky look at the music he, and co founder Skadi had been signing.

The “Finding Ourselves EP” features a number of artists such as Architek, Creepa, Subsets, Skadi and Quok, all bringing an incredibly deep, ambient and atmospheric approach to electronic music.  Whilst all three tracks are truly stunning, for me, the track of the EP has to be ‘Tau’ by Architek with its sweet, sublime and dreamy feel.

The EP isn’t set to drop until July 13th so in the mean time I highly recommend browsing through Fumei’s impressive back catalogue of releases and podcasts from up and coming artists including Signal and Skadi themselves.

All in all I’m excited to see what the future has in store for Fumei, with two such talented producers at the helm I expect big things indeed! Until next time, peace! x

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