In-Reach: Rene Lavice / Dephect @ XC

In-Reach took a crazy snowed out drive to Hemel’s XC Skatepark last night. We hooked up with our good mates Rene LaVice and the Dephect gang for a nice kick back session, Rene is due to finish his tour in a few days so wanted to get a well earned skate in before he heads back to Toronto! From what I gather his time in the UK has been off the hook, tellin stories of insane stage drives and vodka taps, Also saying that London and Bristol were some of his favorite parties hes played at, crowds just begging for more (This definitely means a trip to Bristol is getting dealt with soon)

Anyway as we arrived the snow was startin to settle so, we headed in to the park into the dry and bussed out some of the old skills 😉 peep below..

Did I hear u say tour video Ren? We’ll have to wait and see 🙂
More photos can be found on our Flickr here.
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