Hugh Hardie – Tearing Me Apart (feat. Kyan Kuatois)

Dan: Easy Hugh, just listened to your new track entitled “Tearing Me Apart” with Kyan Kuatois, Gotta say i’m feeling it! I’ve had a look across the net and the response seems pretty damn good. Some people are calling for a signing, some saying free download… Tell us more about the track, how did it all come together?

Hugh: Dan, great to hear you’re liking the track. I think I started this particular one with a long jam on the old piano. I usually like to incorporate interesting chords and melodies into my tunes, so often I’ll play around on the piano a bit before starting something new to work out some non-obvious chord progressions. For the most part I’m not a big fan of tracks that are entirely synthetic and processed. I want to hear some sort of live-sounding ‘real’ instrument, even if it’s subtle (which is what most producers of music will likely say). The double bass is a good example of a beautiful live instrument, and one which goes down a treat in drum & bass. A nice soul vocal is also quite delightful in electronic music. Thanks to Mr Kyan Kuatois for singing over this one. Much more in the works so stayed tuned 😉


Well its got full props from this side, we’ll catchup sometime soon no doubt!

Check out Hugh’s new track below – “Tearing Me Apart” with Kyan Kuatois


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