Checking out another slammin’ release via the one and only InReach, this time from the sonic loins of the vibes master that is HLZ!!! The new EP entitled ‘Corals’ is about to drop on Peer Pressure and it’s already receiving a lot of love from the crew, so let’s get into this and find out more…


Excellent opening track to this release and somewhat of a departure from the more familiar darker sound we know and love HLZ for, opting this time for a more Liquid Tech style that reminded me slightly of ‘Hypnotize’ by Friction and K Tee. Laying down some spacious futuristic pads from the outset, the musical elements leave you with a sense of optimistic wonderment that deepens as each section of the intro evolves and morphs into increasingly satisfying patterns, all underpinned with well selected, tightly processed drum sounds. As ethereal as the intro is, the drop still hits hard but in the classic, reserved kind of way an uplifting roller should, keeping just enough melody for this musical little number to stay expressive.

It’s definitely been a while since I’ve heard a track that has such clarity and tonality to all the parts and shows a real mastery and attention to detail when it comes to sample selection, Eq’ing and tuning.

This should sit very well with fans of IvyLab, Alix Perez etc… A thoroughly nice way to start the day 🙂

’No Peace’

No Peace takes us back down the rabbit hole of the eerie, techy danger that got us hooked on this producer way back when. What also stands out as familiar here is how (just like in ‘Corals’) the drums and bass sit together beautifully, indicating that HLZ has upped the gain in terms of the dynamic manipulation of his productions. I can imagine this belting it through a system! The rhythms in this tune are sick too, nicely swung to help you get a serious grind on and again, faultless sound selection with quality over all drum processing, giving you a sense of being in a massive space.

“Those who preach peace, do not have peace” – agreed, those who preach anything are generally c*nts, but you definitely said it better bro…

‘Eyes of Silver’

Another absolutely awesome production here with some very interesting flavours. Keeping the vibe steppin’ and loaded with well processed breaks, ‘Eyes of Silver’ is a great tune to round up this release. Futuristic sound with a strong tear out vibe, this tune is very much focussed around the bass and is a sick one for mixing as it holds it’s form through much of the sections with enough little edits and switches to keep your attention but not overload you – quite the skill I find. If I had to describe the sound of the bassline on this tune in one word it would be ‘pneumatic’, if I had two it would be ‘pneumatically unique’ (try saying that 10 times!)

So there it is, a little breakdown of what this release is all about. All that’s left to say really is ‘more like that please chaps!’

You can also catch HLZ @ the music hall, Ramsgate on the 7th May alongside Peer Pressure regulars and longtime DnB superheroes Facing Jinx, Philth, Reckei and Collette Warren.

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