Halogenix – Vex / Don’t You Know (Critical Music)

2 tracks that showcase Critical’s shining star’s dance floor versatility. “Vex” raises blood pressure dangerously high, which is blissfully relieved when you flip over to “Don’t You Know” on the other side. The maestro provides unique spins on his trademark sound that still manages to keep us all on our toes.

“Vex”, unsurprisingly, is a dark and stressful tune with an intense sense of urgency. A twitchy, twisted pallet of sounds and an arrangement that keeps you in your toes, making it a DJ’s dream while creeping into listeners nightmares. On the other hand, we have “Don’t You Know”, with a lighter touch. Melancholic and distant vocal samples mysteriously floating around with chilling but light atmospherics.

Signature Halogenix percussion with 2 tunes on either side of Drum and Bass’s spectrum sum up why this guy has been and will continue to be one of the most exciting names to watch.

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