Gremlinz & Homemade Weapons – After Dark EP // Samurai Music

Samurai Music are gearing up for their next release after huge success with the Scope LP last month. For the next instalment we introduce Gremlinz & Homemade weapons, offering  an exceptional 170 bpm remix from J:Kenzo. With strong support from the likes of dBridge, Fracture, Mark Pritchard and Om Unit to name a few. This is set to be yet another strong release from Samurai Music.

Starting off with the EP’s title tracks ‘After Dark’ and the J:Kenzo remix. The original begins with delaying atmospheres and a shout out from the vocalist from Toronto, Collinjah. The tracks quickly unfolds into a dark half beat stepper. Collinjah’s ragga style vocals cuts straight through the mix. Tension continues to build with the re-introduction of delaying atmospheres and a deep reese bass line. Sprinkles of filtered funk breaks and snare rolls create interest and variety within the song. The J:Kenzo remix captures the vibes from the original. It builds with a steppy bass drum and atmospheres until 808 style bass line is introduced. This 808 bass line teases the listener and an unexpected reesey style bass takes it place, with maximum effect.

The three other songs on the e.p continue with the steppy dark vibes. Apache, as you would of thought, features the famous Apache break alongside heavily reverberated hat lines. The song also features some atmospheric vocal samples and is underpinned with a vinyl texture, creating an strong organic feel.

‘Muonna’ and ‘ The 11th hour’ round up the EP and general themes from this record nicely. I love how the music relates to the album artwork and gives the crate divers an instant idea of what they could play.

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Words by Nick