From the DJ's Perspective: Sweetpea & Medika

So ahead of our event alongside Addictive Behaviour (December 4th) we’re going to chat to a number of the guest DJ’s and find out a little more about their techniques; get some insight on what sort of tunes might be gettin’ dropped on the night and find out what kind of club vibes they’re enjoying most at the moment. This way we hope you’ll get a better idea of what to expect come our big event! … We won’t say who else we’ll be talking to in the build up to the night but it’s a hefty line up that you can check in full at the bottom of the page (along with ticket links)… have a guess 😛

Anyway, without further a do, Sweetpea & Medika – big it up! How you guys doing?

Sweetpea: Easy In-Reach… I’m currently drinking a cup of tea and eating Oreo’s so I’m fabulous right now!

Medika: Yoooooooo! All bless thanks…

Good good! So whats been going on with you two recently? Any exciting news on the drum and bass front you can share with us?

Sweetpea: I’ve just recently had a collab with Medika called ‘McCloud’ released on her Medikation LP and I have a forthcoming release with PRTCL coming up for Terabyte Records… A little bird told me there may be a solo release coming in the not too distant future also.

Medika: Just skint as hell from summer! Outlook was wicked this year (as per usual) and London’s just relentless, keeps providing unmissable nights you just can’t say no to! Other than that work and studio vibes have been filling my time.

Sweetpea & Medika

Sweetpea, have you been to any inspiring nights recently?

Sweetpea: I’ve been lucky to play at some really good nights recently, and more coming up, it’s a decent way to end the year! I’ve been out enjoying some nights in London too… after saying to myself I was going to hibernate after the epic 8 days that was Sun and Bass, that really hasn’t happened!! Launch, Rupture and Kapow coming up in the next few weeks and CIA at Lightbox recently was brilliant! … My bank account hates me.

Haha, yeh so does mine! Anyway, what we really want to focus on is our event at which you are both playing of course – it’s a mere four and a half weeks away now!

Event Fb Header (Innate added)

When putting together the line up we tried our best to cover all bases making sure there is quality and variety throughout the night. Considering you ladies will be gracing the decks later on in the night, in a few words, what might we expect?

Medika: I love going B2b with Sweetpea! She knows I like my halftime and I know she loves the 2step so we both do a lil over polite switchover usually which is nice.. It all just works as both our styles are varied… I recall going b2b at the Noise all nighter where we were playing some crazy grave yard shift and she was drunkenly promising me halftime although I never got it! Ha! That was a jokes night… We played on a canal boat once for hours too – Ahhh wish I recorded that! We’ve done many radio shows together, they’re always fun! Sweetpea is a sick host when it comes to radio so you always feel at ease – check out her RudeFM show every Friday 6-8pm if you haven’t already!

Sweetpea: SweetMedikation 😛

Nice! We’re really looking forward to it! Got any secret weapons in the bag at the moment? Or classics that haven’t left the bag in while!?

Sweetpea: I’m really enjoying what Flexout are putting out at the moment, the Amoss remix of ‘All Consuming Fear’ is a choon that hasn’t left my bag since i got it! The new Young G on Broken Audio is also a new favourite of mine and i think you should expect a Sweetpea Roller or 2 😉

[soundcloud url="" params="color=00aabb&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

Medika: Yes! I’ve been getting sent some killa dubs lately! Nice to be fully in the promo game now. I’m a bit disoriented as to where to get tunes atm with all the distributor changes but the right ones find their way! More specifically the new Hyroglifics ep is fire! … Myself and Kolectiv got some super gross bits on the go and I’ve got some wicked new material from the likes of Escher, Stranjah and Vromm all of whose acquaintance I have the pleasure of. I’m back on a bit of a jungle flex at the moment too and you’re always winning with a bit of Clarity, Thing and Ivy Lab goodness… Oh sh*t new Seba – Jungle Music… BIG tune!!!

[soundcloud url="" params="color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

It’s been a while since you two have joined forces for a set. Obviously b2b’s tend to unfold differently on the night compared to a solo performance… You two know each other well, which is partly why we thought this b2b would be a good idea! You’ve even lived together! What do you enjoy most about going b2b?

Medika: What do I enjoy most about going b2b with Sweetpea? I just love vibing with my girl!!!

Sweetpea: It has been a little while since we’ve gone b2b apart from the Canal Boat takeover already mentioned… Probably playing at Hidden for Fractured Foundation was one of my faves! We both always have a good laugh and good banter together! Anyways, I’m sure drum and bass mayhem and mischief will unfold in the Dj Booth on the 4th.

Sweetpea, I think it’s fair to say you’re an interactive DJ once you get going! What are you gonna be relying on the ravers for on the 4th December!?

Sweetpea: Interactive is a nice of putting it Spectrum, i’d say more like a Rum induced lunatic!! You know what – as long as everyone on the floor is having fun, i’ll be having fun…

Medika, on the night would you say a crowd influences your style/selection or is it more a case of rocking up and doing what you do!?

Medika: On the night I will Rock up and play what I think is the best drum and bass at the moment. Simples.

Can’t wait mate! Finally then, as you’re both aware we have a whole host of other DJ’s featured on the bill. I guess you two would be reaching the event whether playing or not! Who else are you most looking forward to seeing and why?

SweetpeaFrom Room 1 probably L33, I’ve been a fan of his for a long time, and I think its been a good few years since I’ve seen him play in London. I’m also really looking forward to seeing GHOST play live, caught super vibes with Lewis on radio the other week and really wanna hear him smash up the dance floor now…It’s a really strong line up all round, full spectrum covered! Hyped!

Medika: I’m so excited for the night! I’m gonna be running from room to room all night. Doc scott & Commix have been firing out some dangerous mixes lately. And all the fam are playing! Will be a night to remember 100%!!! … Big love to you guys for organising this!

Nice one ladies, cheers for the chat. See you on December 4th… if not sooner!

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