Foamo – Rinse FM 18/08/2013 (House / Bass House)

I have to admit, this ever increasingly popular new angle on house music is really taking its toll on my bass passion. Some will argue this style has been around for decades, which in reality it has but if I’m being honest… It’s got way better recently and a lot more publicised.

Some call is bass heavy house, some call it deep bass house, some call it house with D&B and Garage influence. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter. The obvious fact is that’s there’s nothing more pleasing to the ears when you’re out and about partying.

This post in particular is a set from Foamo aka Kye Gibbon from High Wycombe. Some of you may know him from his recent collaborations with RackNRuin going by the name of Gorgon City, producing sick tracks such as Real, Intentions, Cycles, Feel the love, Thor and many more!

Foamo alone has produced some serious beats such as Release Me ft Lotti (one of my personal faves), Nexus (originally a Carl Cox track) and more recently an absolute banger called Take You Higher (originally a Wilkinson DNB track). At the moment, he is certainly regarded as one of the UK’s best house producers and we’re excited to hear more!

Anyways, enough waffle from me….

Check out his latest Rinse FM mix below, it’s a right stomper and is pumping in my ears right now. One thing I must say is… Don’t listen to this set on your poxy iPhone speaker or pathetic Apple headphones (sorry Steve Jobs). Grab those Sennys, switch on the KRK’s or sit in your mates Vauxhall Nova and blast that sub!


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