Flowrian – Bukem In Session

A big part of the tight-knit crew responsible for the Jazzsticks label, it’s safe to say that the Swiss producer, Flowrian, wears his affiliation on his sleeve – or as a label logo emblazoned bold on his chest. Responsible for pushing a vein of drum & bass that speaks to the head as well as the feet his jazz tinged productions have found favour with many of d&b’s elite, including Goodlooking don, LTJ Bukem, who’s inviting Flowrian to return to his next Room Two session on Friday 27th June.

Ahead of the event Flowrian put together this 57 minute mixtape and shared the flowing story [all sic] on his facebook page.

“A few years ago before any of my music was released, I went to London knowing Bukem in Session is at Fabric. So I booked a flight and spent night over night working on tunes because I wanted to bring Demo-CDs. (Those things musicians used to give away to labels the early days.) I packed my stuff, travelled to the UK to discover London’s nightlife! Excited, like a cow finding a spectacular lush meadow, I found myself in UKs underground and did mind the gap… “Excuse me, where’s fabric?” “Around the corner.” “Thank you.” There I was. Negotiating with the bouncer in front of a small staircase leading up on stage of room 2. After I told him that he has to let me through so he would make sure, nights like this will still exist in the near future and so he keeps his job, he actually let me pass. One small step for man one giant leap for Flowrian! I didn’t understand any of the words I was talking with the DJ behind the decks, but I didn’t mind and handed him my cd. … Today I’m very proud to fulfill my prediction and maybe meet the same bouncer again. Very looking forward to June the 27th!”

Advance tickets: www.fabriclondon.com/club/listing/905

Just given the mix a listen, staying true to the jazz tip and fully embracing the heat that the summer brings, this mix is definitely one that will keep you smiling while the sun is shining! Roll it! 😛

Download: Flowrian – Bukem In Session Mix 2014


01. Flowrian – Nemesys [Fokuz] 02. Decon – Changing Times [Jazzsticks] 03. EZ Rollers – Bikini Beach [Good Looking] 04. Flowrian – Nothing To Gain [Dub] 05. Decon & Decon – Lost Fragments [Jazzsticks] 06. Paul SG & Carter – Falling Leaves [Good Looking] 07. Rowpieces – Share The Vibes [Good Looking] 08. Simplification & Translate – Soul City [Good Looking] 09. Jazzassins – The Chalet [Jazzsticks] 10. Flowrian – Decisions We Make [Good Looking] 11. Decon – Extinct [Jazzsticks] 12. Sunny Crimea – Funky Trippin [Good Looking] 13. Paul SG ft Undersound – The Last Ceremony (Big Bud Remix) [Jazzsticks] 14. Flowrian – Fillip [Dub] 15. Madcap & Jaybee – Riverside [Good Looking] 16. Flowrian – Jasmine [Dub] 17. Michael Kiwanuka – Tell Me A Tale (Flowrian Remix) [Dub] [x_share title=”Share this Post” facebook=”true” twitter=”true” google_plus=”true” email=”true”][author title=”About the Author”][recent_posts type=”post” count=”3″ orientation=”horizontal” fade=”false”]