Festival Dont's

Festival season is in full swing! With Glastonbury just out of the way and with FARR and Outlook being just on the horizon, the In-Reach team thought it was only proper to give you some pointers on how not to do it!

Theres no need for other’s making mistakes in life, if you cant learn from it. So take note from some of the biggest Festival Fool’s


Having a good tent set up is essential to your festival experience! So tip one is make sure u don’t get over excited and save some of your soberness for the pre party prep, unlike these Hungarian fool’s.


Festivals are all about brocking out and having a good time. However no one wants to be your mate if your dancing like a prick.. So leave the extravagant dancing for that little kid with fuzzy hair and keep it nice and simple, unlike these fool’s.

And if you do insist on dancing like a twat, remember your at a festival, not on Broadway. So leave the props at home!

What a fool!


O.K. so you’ve had a few Tyskies and got your dance on, now its time to relieve your bladder. Festival toilets are notoriously poor, and not really fun for anyone. Theres no way of making the experience any better, there are however a few stupid thing’s you could do to make the experience even worse.

So learn from these fools and avoid making the same mistakes.

If you’re now reconsidering using those dirt porter loo’s all together, thats cool I get you. One more piece of advice though, find a nice corner. Don’t just bust it out in the open leaving your self venerable to this fool.


Health and Safety

As the night rolls in and the party reaches full vibes you’re going to want to bust out some craziness. DO IT! Slap your mum, write words on some randomers tent, smoke some illegal street drugs but what ever you do avoid heights.

Thats too crazy. Check out these fall’s.


There isn’t much that needs to be said on this one. Were not looking to offer anyone a life lesson, or preach about the pro’s and cons of substances. People are gonna do what there going to do. Just don’t go mad or you’ll end up like these fools.

Hopefully this little how not guide will help you get the most out of this summers festivities. The sun is out and the vibes are all about, so what ever your festival plans are try not to act a fool. More importantly have a fucking sick one!