Emperor & Mefjus – Hello World EP

Since their first release in 2002 Critical Music have remained at the very forefront of underground drum and bass. To many (myself included), they are regarded as pioneers, constantly driving the evolution of the genre by promoting up and coming artists with more ‘future thinking’ sounds and constantly creating waves within the scene.  That being said, for those lucky enough to remember the early releases from artists such as Vector Burn and Dphie it feels only right to hear the label come full circle and return to it’s tech roots with the latest “Hello World EP” by Emperor and Mefjus.

The EP consists of two remixes and two collaborations between the neurofunk giants, all of which display their clean and futuristic trade mark sound.  Forget the soulless, “who can make the most offensive reese bass competition” neuro releases of the past, the Hello World EP demonstrates the pair’s incomparable production quality and knack for creating absolute dance floor killers.

The First track on the EP, entitled ‘Disrupted’ has a distinct, offbeat and almost sticky sound to it.  This, coupled with infamous cuts from ‘The Usual Suspects’ gives it a real gritty, evil feel.  As soon as I heard Disrputed I was hooked and desperate to hear the second track which certainly didn’t disappoint.

Emperor’s remix of Signalz by Mefjus is a real hard hitter, the first drop displays clear inspiration drawn from releases on Phace’s label, Neosignal circa 2011 with it’s hard, industrial sounding snares.  Unusually, the second drop sees a real switch to the track with a more rolling and steppy beat, more like the original.  Although the first drop is a killer, for me the use of percussion in the second drop wins it every time, an absolute triumph.

The third track from the EP is the second collab from the duo, entitled Void Man Void.  If you didn’t already known this was Mefjus and Emperor you would be forgiven for thinking this track was a lost dub plate from Noisia in their heyday, the production levels are so tight, definitely one for the tech heads.

Lastly, Mefjus’s eagerly anticipated remix of Precursor by Emperor from the Begin EP (CRIT070D), now this track certainly brings the fire! With glimpses of the original, smooth, rolling beat, Mefjus has switched up the bass and given the snare some lethal treatment to make this one the destroyer of dance floors!

Available from all good download sites or head to www.criticalmusic.com for more.

Catalogue number: CRIT075