Elevate – Factory 7

After a dirty drive from North West we stepped into Factory 7 just as Friction prepped up to come on. I Gripsed a beer from the bar and then went in for a skank… Friction pulled his weight, shredding out all the hard hitters old and new, When he mixed through into Liz-E’s – The Last Time the rave went crazy! Smiles n skanks throughout, the vibe inside was on point everyone just seemed to be out for a good night – so it looks like frictions ‘intimate’ warehouse party in shoreditch came correct. Big ups

Heres some of the flicks from the night, the rest of them can be seen on our Flickr.. Check em out.

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Prior to the dance, we had a beer n a paint down @ Leake St. Waterloo, just puttin our name out there 😉 Elevate.. big.

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