Eatbrain – Karate EP

This sampler for his forthcoming album release on Eatbrain is a real monster from L33. This is what Neuro’ is all about, right here – rough and ready with some crane-kicking drums to smash up the dance floor: The Karate EP brings the fight. Beatport release is 14/3/16 with global release on 28/3/16although personally, I think I’m waiting for the vinyl, the release date for which is to be announced.

Zealot – A narly, twisted intro gives rise to a sub heavy roller that is perfect as an intro’ or bridge tune. A series of mid range and female android style stabs give this a real Bladerunner edge.

Earthbounce – A dark, arpeggiated intro’ welcomes the listener into a state of suspense before a nasty reese arrives to tease you before smacking you in the chops! The reese is solid and has a wicked marriage of sub and mid-range layers. The drums are weighty and with fills to shake your hips….out of their sockets!!

Bloodbrain – A dark hitter with nice transitions and layers throughout. The snare is tough and cuts through really well. The sub fizzes along with filthy pads and rises really adding to the track to build up to killer drops. A real tear-up track!

Clublife – The vocal alone gives this cut serious attitude and low end presence.
The distorted bass-line is a real showpiece as it growls and comforts all at the same time!! Another piece of class is the techy arpeggio on the intro and breakdown that leaves a quality old skool feel. Serious track right here!

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