Dexta & Hyroglifics – Boxgroove (Diffrent Music)

Diffrent Music is a label symbolised by a prolific pink giraffe, Leonard. A concept remarkably distinct, Leonard is the perfect representation of a label that’s musical ethos continually redefines a progressive and entirely diverse sector of drum and bass. Latest release ‘Boxgroove’ is absolutely no exception to this. Following on from the mighty ‘Evolution of the Giraffe’ LP, it’s a ‘fusion-single’ that like all Diffrent releases stretches the mind of the listener into a dimension quite unknown.

Title-track ‘Boxgroove’ – a collaboration between Dexta and Hyroglifics – kicks off the musical journey with a fresh interpretation of a style favoured throughout the genres dancehalls. It’s a half-time tune, and whilst I’ve found certain tracks of this construction relatively predictable, ‘Boxgroove’ on the contrary has an intriguing depth that’s twists and turns are entirely unforeseeable. The track has a visionary musical landscape, one in which forlorn and futuristic atmospherics are contradicted by gritty snares and a dark, rumbling bass line – the product of a Roland MC303. It’s a remarkably powerful tune, and one that’s received scene-wide support, perhaps most prominent its play on Rockwell’s Radio 1 show.

Stepping up next, ‘Move Over’ by Hyroglifics is a track that operates at a cut back tempo. The soundscape in this one unfurls in a manner fully focussed on maximum impact. Comprised of noticeable hip-hop influences, the tunes central narrative is the brutal pairing of an abyssal vocal snippet, so forceful it’s able to oscillate through the body synchronously with the sub.

‘The Dogz’ is label owner Dexta’s first solo output on Diffrent. Described as ‘giraffe-jungle’ it sees the single’s direction take an evident turn towards genre origins. Entwined with an overwhelmingly absorbing bass line, erratic yet precise drums manoeuvre into sharp bursts of calculated frenzy. Abrupt halts feel purposely off tempo, evoking a profound feeling of being on edge. It’s an innovative tune that perfectly balances influences of the past with directions of the future.

A brilliant release – this is one I’d highly recommend! ‘Boxgroove’ is available to purchase in digital format over at the Diffrent Music store 🙂

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