Dayne Harper & Tom Frankel – Keep a close eye!

Dayne Harper is causing a stir right now. He’s one of the most talented House Dj’s and producers I’ve heard in a long time. You’ll catch him playing regularly at Egg London alongside other major London clubs.

His production is tight, he combines new school sounds with a little hint of garage flare.

His partner in crime, Tom Frankel¬† has been causing a stir for a while. Mainly residing in Ibiza running his own ‘Morethabare’ nights during the summer season and living the life all aspiring DJ’s wish for. From what we gather, Tom is staying around London for the summer of 2014, which is great news for House music lovers in the UK. Just like Dayne, Tom mainly plays at Egg London but get’s around when it comes to the House scene. This guys production is flawless!

Check them both out and watch this space, you’ll be hearing and seeing a lot more of them! Over at In Reach, we believe these two define what House music is all about.

Dayne’s SoundCloud

Tom’s SoundCloud



Harper&Frankel 2