Crate Diggin' with Madcap (Step Back Sessions)

Madcaps career spans back to the early days when he was the ripe old age of  just 11, mixing House & Breakbeat. He was a regular at friends house parties, local sports clubs and over the coming years built up his confidence on the decks. This then gave Madcap the reason to start producing and handing out demos to people. At this young age, Madcap eventually secured a job at his local records shop ‘Buzz Records’, which was associated with the legendary DJ Pulse and the hugely influential Creative Wax. Throughout this period Madcap managed to make good connections in the scene, which found him getting book all over the UK for sets.

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]astard 20+ years – Madcap has had quite the journey as both a promoter and producer. Including releases on Good Looking Records, Creative Wax & remixes for the legendary Nookie. As well as playing at Fabric London, Essence of Chi, Helter Skelter, Moondance and many, many more.

As Stepback Sessions draws closer, we caught up with Madcap, who gave us his top 5 Crate diggin’ selection ahead of his appearance at Brixton Jamm, for the Boxing day ‘1988 – 1994’ special…


1 . Foul Play Vol.3 ‘Open Your Mind’ Foul Play / Tango Remixes – Moving Shadow (SHADOW29R)
This beauty of a 10″ comes with two remixes covering the more soulful vibes in the shape of Foul Play to the more dark side flavours from Tango. I love & play out both mixes to suit different old skool sets.
Sampling Disco/Funk track ‘Open Your Mind’ by Kleer & Soul track  ‘Love So Fine’ by Sahara to full effect, then combining 808 bass lines & cut up breaks & Hip Hop vocals make this a must have in your collection. Cained by top DJ’s such as Bukem & Fabio back in the day, these both still stand the test of time considering they were made over 20 years ago.
Moving Shadow were certainly in a golden period around ’93 & talking of which so was Foul Play.

2 . Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era – ‘Sessions One / Two’ (Riots In Rayleigh / Dantronix In The House) – Suburban Base ( SUBBASE 33R)
One that sits firmly at the front of the box. Both mixes have featured in so many of my sets over the years & even got the ‘long arm’ rewind from Randall when I played it at the last Step Back Sessions / Shut That Shit Down event in August.
Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era aka Danny Breaks was on point when producing these gems, only two or 3 years after having massive success with Hardcore anthems ‘Far Out’, ‘Peace & Loveism’ etc, this shows him breaking away from the more ‘hands in the air piano classics’ to producing early prototype jungle / DnB. This would also be a little hint on what was to come on his label Droppin Science. ‘Sessions One & Two’ are actually remixes of earlier release ‘What The’ but in my opinion beat the original by a long shot.

Having no knowledge of sample sources for the vocals & breaks I thought I’d mention two random facts 😉
I went to school with Danny’s cousin who introduced me to ‘Far Out’ back in ’91, I would look forward to my friends visits to Essex because he would always come back with new vinyls given to him by his Auntie (Danny’s mum).
I read some where (probably Eternity or Blaze Magazine) that Danny Breaks got his name from going into Boogie Times & asking for breaks records (more than likely to sample) so the shop keeper would order records in & write ‘Danny – Breaks’ on the bag & the name stuck.
3. Studio Pressure – ‘Presha III’ / ‘Relics’ – Certificate 18 (CERT1808)
Simplicity is the key with majority of Studio Pressure aka Photek’s tracks from 94/95. ‘Presha III’ features Amen breaks cut up to perfection alongside percussion possibly from the Korg’s M1 Synth & then into the wicked Detroit style stabs, which when combined with the breaks always does it for me!! This is with out a doubt my favourite of the two tracks featured on this fantastic 12″.
However that’s not to say ‘Relics’ doesn’t cut it. Looping up a bell & adding beautiful strings in the intro, cutting up more Amen breaks & this time adding a pitched up Funky Drummer break ‘Relics’ takes us on a atmospherical journey switching up directions along the way. Photek’s production around this period was faultless, futuristic & certainly influences me when I produce tunes today.

4. DJ Pulse – ‘Stay Calm’ Creative Wax (CW 1003)
I first met Pulse aka Ashley Brown in the early 90’s at a record shop called Buzz Records where he worked in local town High Wycombe.
He would sell me vinyl & even gave me a copy of a track he told me he’d produced called ‘Dub War’ which at the time was still on the Metamorphosis label. Annnnyway…

‘Stay Calm’ is a great set opener with haunting strings, screams & more subtle ‘yeah’ ad-libs at the start, progressing into sub bass lines, cut up Amen, Sesame Street & Hot Pants breaks all produced on his Akai S1000 at good friend Chad Jackson’s house. The track, which was released on Pulse’s own label wouldn’t of sounded out of place in a sound track to a horror movie, especially with the industrial style riffs & mentasm stabs. The flip ‘Warning’ keeps on the dark core tip & hits us with wicked breaks, sub bass & again haunting strings. This 12″ was what led Simon Colebrooke, A&R from Moving Shadow to knock on Pulse’s door securing several releases with the infamous label. Also someone told me Creative Wax has recently Re-launced – Plug plug 😉
5. Noise Factory – ‘The Capsule Ep’ 3rd Party (3RD#4)
A 4 track EP from the sample kings Noise Factory. These tracks include so many different samples & must of been a propa exciting studio session. It features the classic ‘Breakage 4’ aka ‘I Bring You The Future’ & Future it was for a ’92 tune. This was an uncredited remix of the equally excellent ‘Futuroid’. Turning up the tempo & using wicked riffs, it always smashes up the place. ‘Futuroid’ sitting firmly on the A-side contains a melting pot of samples including the fantastic ‘Garden Of Life’ Reggae track from Leroy Sibbles. ‘Straight From The Bedroom’ was probably produced in that exact location, with rumbling b-lines, Beastie Boys ‘New Style’ vocals, off beats stabs, spoken word ‘Now jump up all junglist crew’ & and to top it off used the riff from rare groove classic ‘Starvue’ by Body Fusion. Go check this & other 3rd party releases to see how sampling was used to create amazing results.

You can catch Madcap along with a whole host of big names including Fabio, Grooverider, Randall, Doc Scott, Kenny Ken and loads more down at Brixton Jam, 26th December 2014. Rolling a strict selection of tunes from 1988-1994 all night….

Watch out for Madcaps In-Reach x Step Back Sessions old skool guest mix landing next weekend over at: In-Reach Soundcloud