Commix – Backchat/Games

After releasing on Metalheadz, Dispatch and Hospital, Commix has taken a different path of releasing this single “Backchat/Games” through Bandcamp, marking a dramatic change in commercial releasing from a big name in the Drum & Bass scene. This shows how much faith Commix has in his fan base to make self-releasing viable. I say, good on him.

With the first track “Backchat” bursting with minimal colour, this A side track shimmers and glistens with vocal chops spaced between plucky string samples and underneath it all in true Commix style, a deep rattling sub driven Reese.
Atmospheric pads soon over-ride this minimally focused drive and bring with them a welcome change of breakbeat in the form of a light, tambourine filtered break. This musical breath of fresh air is soon banished however, with the second drop announcing the return of the repetitive static bassline underneath the hardest hitting, gut wrenching kick that even the heavyweight dBridge would be proud of.

To “Games” then, and what a difference this track brings to the release. Truly exhibiting Commix’s versatility, “Games” shows depth and dexterity to prove that minimal tracks are not all he can produce.
The repeated marimba sample underlines the track and keeps the listener grounded in a soul vibe. Soon, the highlight of this track makes its mark: sampled vocals from a funk fuelled era take centre stage and set this track firmly in the genre of soulful liquid.
A warm sub kicks in for the drop, adding further to the feel-good vibe of this track, something the glissando piano is only too happy to further pronounce.

This self-release truly brings diversity to the scene. By combining the rawest minimal with the most fragrant of soul charged liquid, Commix has combined several worlds of Drum & Bass in one release.
Therefore, if you’re a fan of sub-genre collisions, this is a release for you.

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