Chimpo – Frontline EP

Incoming is the massive Frontline EP by a man that really deserves the upmost respect for his unquestionable musical genius. Whether bringing his diverse brand of entirely captivating yet downright filthy vocals to tunes, or demonstrating his top class production skills through the numerous genres he’s mastered; grime, garage, dnb, you name it, bass influenced beats whether over the mic or in the studio are something Chimpo entirely dons.

Frontline EP dropping tomorrow on the massive Soul:r is a hard-hitting, heavyweight EP that’s a real mixed bag, vibes a plenty with something for everyone. Chimpo generally seems to delve into darker bass music territories, and that’s precisely why All Over comes as such a delicious surprise. All Over has a minimalistic feel to it; sharp breaks are masterfully blended with warm bass and backdrop atmospherics that take the meaning of chilled to the next level, beautifully intricate production, a smooth, melodic tune that adds an interesting dimension to the anticipated Chimpo vocal.

Things take a turn towards expected Chimpo heaviness in Buzzin ft Dub Phizix & Skeptical, well with names like that you probably don’t need me to tell you this one bangs hard, very hard indeed. The arrangement works incredibly well; dynamic and sub heavy, the gritty atmospherics give the tune brutal disposition, the bass and vocals at times show restraint, but then come crashing in with a punch so hard it will knock you out.

Frontline again is indisputably savage, a heavy number with a monster bass line, in which the menacing vocals of Fox build hype to the extent dance floors will be entirely obliterated. With Calibre on the remix of this one the result is expectedly large, a stand out track, full of old school jungle influenced vibes. Frontline EP offers a diverse collection of top quality beats, not only illustrating the exceptional skill of Chimpo as a vocalist but also highlighting that Chimpo is an underrated yet exceptionally talented and versatile producer.


Also checkout the new video of the single on Soul:R – ‘Buzzin’


[youtube id=”HM9wkYrpMAs” width=”620″ height=”360″]