Calyx & Teebee – Data Transmissions Podcast 268 – Nov 2012
Calyx & TeeBee first collaborated together in 2004, their history started in 1998 when they were introduced as label-mates on the Moving Shadow imprint.  In the following years the two artists would forge a reputation of high-quality releases on some of D&B’s most respected labels.The first two tracks they produced together were ‘Follow The Leader’ and ‘Cyclone’, both appeared on Calyx’s debut album ‘No Turning Back’ and were used by Rockstar North as part of advert campaign for their videogame, ‘Midnight Club’.Their first album together as an ‘official’ duo was 2007’s ‘Anatomy LP’, which proved to be even more successful. It ended up topping sales charts for months and it took the guys all around the world to play some of the biggest
parties going with their unique six-decks DJ show.

5 Years in the works, Calyx & TeeBee are about the drop their highly anticipated 2nd LP, ‘All Or Nothing’ which has been tipped by many to be one 2012’s dance albums of the year. Expect to hear a little something from that in
today’s Data Transmission podcast.

Sum up this podcast in 10 words… 
“Calyx & TeeBee six decks two mixers live and direct”
What’s your personal favourite track on it? 
“The very last one ‘Strung Out’ forthcoming on our album”
What’s the special ingredient in this mix? 
“Passion and love for our music”
What’s the best gig you’ve played recently?
“We had an excellent one in a tiny club in Bath a few weeks back . 200 people max”
What have you got coming up? 
“Where do we start! Firstly our new single with MC Kemo, ‘Pure G old’, then our album “All or Nothing.”
And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?
“All or Nothing’ is out on the 5th of November. It’s nearly 5 years of  hard work and dedication. Check it out !” – Calyx & TeeBee


1_Calyx&TeeBee-We Fall Away,- RAM
—> Optiv&BTK – Slander – DUB
—>Hamilton – Brainstorm – RAM
2_Plan B – Deepest shame – (Andy c RMX)
3_Optiv & CZA – Hindsight – DUB
4_Ulterior Motive – Drum Circle – Subtitles UK
5_Culture Shock – Troglodyte – RAM
6_Optiv & BTK-Introvert-DUB
7_Calyx & TeeBee feat.MC Kemo-Pure Gold – RAM
—>BTK – Drop RMX-DUB
8_Calyx & TeeBee-Skank-RAM
—>Culture shock – Machine – RAM
9_Optiv & BTK-Get Dark-DUB
—>Xtrah – Soundclash – Critical
10_Ulterior Motive & Krakota – Minesweeper – Subtitles UK
11_Calyx&TeeBee – Untitled – DUB
—>Wilkinson -Overdose – RAM
—> Noisia – Try Hard – Vision
12_Wilkinson – Automatic – RAM
13_Hybris & Rido – The Thing – Subtitles UK DUB
14_Octane & DLR feat.Break – Murmur – Dispatch
—>BSE – All is lost – BSER
15_DC Breaks – I found you
—> Break & Die – Tear Down – Digital Sound Boy
16_Michael Woods feat. Ester Dean – It’s only just begun (Calyx & TeeBee RMX) –
Ministry of Sound
17_Ulterior Motive & Lenzman – Catharis – Subtitles UK
18_Fracture & System – Yeah But – Subtitles UK
19_Calyx & TeeBee – Scavenger – RAM
—>The Upbeats – Undertaker – Vision
20_Stealth – Venus Transit – Subtitles UK DUB
21_Calyx & TeeBee feat.Foreign Beggars & DJ Craze – We Become One – RAM
—>BSE & Noisia – Feed The Machine – BSER
22_Loadstar – In the dark RMX
23_Mark Knight feat. Skin – Nothing Matters (Noisia RMX)
—-> Wilkinson – Need to Know – RAM
24_Major Lazer – Get Free (Andy c rmx)
25_Optiv & BTK – Is Jacob Real – DUB
26_Stealth & Alltair – You do Me Wrong – Subtitles UK DUB
28_Netsky – Come Alive (Culture Shock RMX) – Hospital
29_Ulterior Motive feat. Hybris – Bring Out – Subtitles UK
30_Ed Rush & Optical – Slip Through (Spor RMX)
—-> Chris Su – Solaris VIP – Subtitles
31_Calyx & TeeBee – Perspectives
32_Hybris – Lair – DUB
33_Calyx & TeeBee – Nothing I Can Say – RAM
34_Dose – 9 Lives – Subtitles UK
35_Spor – Ziggarut – Lifted
36_Cyantific – Walking Away – Cyantific Music
37_Calyx & TeeBee -Strung Out RAM