Calibre – Shelflife 3

The music man, King Calibre has gone and done it again! For the last year or so Calibre has sieved through his hard drives, DAT tapes and even mini discs to find more gems for ‘Shelflife 3’. Thirteen of his most requested unreleased productions from 1997 to 2013 are finally released on Vinyl. I for one feel this is his finest Shelflife release to date. Bellamee, Offkey, Rooftops, Eschaton & To And Fro being firm favourites on the compilation. This album is true testament to Calibre’s versatility and genius production capabilities. Make sure you check the full album clips below.


Release date: 19/03/2014
Format: 12″ Vinyl x 3 + CD
Catalogue number: SIGLP010V

FREE MP3s of Shelflife 3 – Calibre when you buy the Vinyl


1. The Wash
2. Miraculous
3. Honey Dew
4. Fear Of Letting Go
5. Makes Me Feel Alright
6. Bellamee
7. Instant
8. Off Key
9. Sagan
10. Eschaton
11. To And Fro
12. Rooftops
13. Erode