BTK Interview

Originating from Brazil, BTK is unquestionably one of the hardhitters in the scene, Following up from the huge success of the Limber EP. BTK now has another stinker underneath the Hardware Label. Not to mention his impressive back catalogue of productions to date. Due to the recent release we thought what better than to interview the man behind the beats!

Welcome BTK!

IR – So your originally from São Paulo, Brazil, a number of heavyweight dnb producers have hailed from Brazil, what’s the scene like out there?

BTK – Well, I can’t really say much but my votes are going for the new generation. A few of my old friends are raising into the production camp such as Nitri and Level 2 which I believe is a new breath to the scene there.

IR – You’ve been collaborating with Optiv regularly, any new co-labs with any different producers in the pipeline?

BTK – Oh, I recently had the honour to work on a track with the mighty and legendary Optical. Also started a new thing with Mindscape and other with InsideInfo.

IR – Yourself and Optiv both worked on the Bad Attitude EP which is dropping soon, do you have a personal favorite track? “Bad Attitude” is a killer.

BTK – “You Got Me” is my favourite. Love the vocals and the funk drums and the Virusish bassline vibes on it.

IR – Your single Megahertz / Be Yourself has just been released as well, this is your second release on Hardware this year, both being massive productions. We feel that you might be focusing more on a solo career in the future, is this the case?

BTK – We’re both solo artists in our own right, and we like to work together and apart. So there will definately be plenty of solo and collaborations in the future.

IR – Does anything in particular influence you when producing or does it vary with every production?

BTK – Weed influence on me is bad, so I’ve learned to stay far from that in the studio. Optiv in the other hand, is a drooling mess 😛

IR – Back in 2008 you released a Techno EP under your alias ‘Vinicius Honorio’. Any other plans to step back into some different tempos?

BTK – I love Techhouse and Techno but right now and possibly for the next 5 years, it will be 174bpm all the way.

IR – You also founded Dutty Audio back in 2010 and already it’s become a major player in the scene, whats next in the pipeline for the label?

BTK – I’m pretty happy with how the label is going, had an amazing 12″ single released last March by Audio, who is one of the best producers right now in my opinion. For the future I’ve been planning another various artists EP.

IR – Always like to ask this one – What is your most memorable DJ experience?

BTK – There’s so many good ones that I don’t really remember 🙂 I could mention the worst one, was my last NYE gig. The whole sound system died on me 10 mins after I started. The crowd was getting rowdy, the sound technician was a retarded and I just wanted to finish the set and go home. 30 mins in and after he changed the mixer, the sound system was fine but then the vibe was gone.

IR – With all the producing, DJ-ing and travelling, do you ever get time to do anything else?

BTK – I used to think that I would have time to do everything I wanted to but, been trying to hit the gym without no success lately. Not much free time for Diablo 3 either.

IR – Now that the summer is finally on its way, are u playing at any UK festivals this year?

BTK – Not this year but I’ll be doing a few ones around Europe.

IR – Do you have a favourite UK based label?

BTK – I don’t have a single favourite label but, some my favourite ones are Virus Recordings, Renegade Hardware, Shogun Audio and Playaz Recordings.


IR – Globally, what’s your favourite club to play in?

BTK – I love to play at Cable in London, UK, always good vibes in that club.

IR – In regards to your setup, are you predominantly vinyl /cdj/ serato or all?

BTK – I’ve been using cds for the last few years but I’m slowly walking into the Serato vinyl controller direction. I wanna get back to my “vinyl” roots. Don’t like to play with cds but for now, it’s doing the job.

IR – Without giving away your secrets, what plugins would you advise using for up and coming artists?

BTK – I use Cubase 7 as my only DAW. Massive, CamelPhat, Fabfilter and Audio Damage pluggins are pretty good.

IR – Where can our readers catch you next, any bigs events coming up that we should know about?

BTK – Theres load’s! Here is a list of my forthcoming gigs:

Apr 27 Dachstock – Bern, Switzerland
May 11 Gretchen – Berlin, Germany
May 17 MS CONNEXION – Mannheim, Germany
May 18 Garagem – Porto, Portugal
May 31 Tivoli de Helling – Utrecht, Netherlands
Jun 01 Supercharged – Brighton, United Kingdom
Jun 01 Cable – London, United Kingdom
Jun 07 Melkweg – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Jun 08 Schwarzsee – Fribourg, Switzerland
Jun 22 Broken Balkanz Summer Festival – Sofia, Bulgaria
Jun 28 Starwarz – Ghent, Belgium
Aug 02 Let It Roll – Prague, Czech Republic
Aug 17 Cable – London, United Kingdom
Oct 11 Le Bikini, Toulouse, France
Oct 12 Cable – London, United Kingdom
Dec 14 Cable – London, United Kingdom

IR – And lastly any shouts

BTK – I’d like to thanks all the fans, DJs and producers for the massive support!