Break, Fields, Mako and Villem – Dilligence

Utopias tenth release and their doing it properly! Break’s teamed up with Fields, Mako and Villem to create a stonker of a tune!  This ones a brand new release on Utopia Music. The intro full of warm melodic beats creating a euphoric atmosphere gets switched into old skool jungle vibes combined with heavy beats and bass to catch you off guard. Such a sick combination of old and new to get you vibing.

The B-side is backed with a track from Russian drum and bass producer Getz. ‘My Soul’ is a steppy roller with a bassline fit to shake the walls! Definitely a track for the subwoofer lovers, accompanied by fast paced percussion and strong vocals this tracks incredible stuff.  Russian drum and bass is having a great couple of weeks with the launch of Enei’s album on Critical, Getz manages to keep up the superb quality with his track. I’m going to be keeping my eyes open for more stuff from him, for sure!

Available on 12″ Vinyl, Here. Vinyls are selling out fast so you might have to reserve one!

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