Binary Vol.4 – Current Value

For many, the name Current Value will always be synonymous with hard as nails, balls to the wall drum and bass, at least, that’s what it means to me anyway, as back in my younger days I loved nothing more than going to events such as Therapy Sessions, PRSPCT and Autopsy and being blown away by the intense, militant drums and nutty crowds.  In fact, I’d have to say that the decline in hard drum and bass, and record labels such as Freak Recordings subsequently becoming defunct is one of my deepest regrets within drum and bass, as producers such as Current a Value, with almost unrivalled production talent unfortunately lost a large number of musical platforms.

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ith this is mind, you can imagine my surprise when I, like many others, spotted a comment on social media from Critical Music’s head honcho, Kasra stating he’d just signed some new Current Value material! I instantly had visions of young Critical Music fans checking out the latest release, expecting something Ivy Lab-esq only to be greeted with ‘Hitman’ style snares (which, by the way is my idea of heaven) and never getting a proper night’s sleep again.  In reality though, Current Value has compiled a 5 track EP that not only appeals to the younger and more current generation of dnb heads but also perfectly demonstrates his distinctive style without compromise.

This incredibly intelligent, intricate and fast paced EP only dropped yesterday but has already received Critical acclaim (see what I did there) from the likes of Friction, naming ‘Dissonant’ his “Monday Murker” and quite rightly so as it’s complete and utter filth!

In all honesty, all five tracks merk it in my opinion but the tune of the EP has to be (the Critical & Beatport exclusive) ‘Escalate’.  I don’t know if it’s the super speed high hats, the gritty bass or the oh, so random squelch samples but it ticks every box and more for me, at times like this I almost resent living in China as I’d give anything to lose my mind to this track through a massive system.

As I mentioned earlier the EP dropped yesterday on Critical Music’s sister label ‘Binary’, make sure you grab your copy from either Beatport or the Critical Music store to bag the bonus track! Big ups once again to the team at Binary for another killer release!


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