Audio – Bag of Bones EP

Easy people, been away for a minute still. Outlook festival sucker punched me for a first but i’m back and ready to fuel you with some grit!

So back on the grind and I return to this ridiculous EP from Audio – I swear Audio has never failed me yet, always bringing the pain, every tune on the EP will give you new creases on your face… and if it doesn’t then I think you need to get some cotton buds and remove the cauliflower from your ear wells.

Every sound destroys with power. Title track “Bag of Bones” comes with a selection of well selected samples (People can learn a thing or two from Audios sampling believe me) The buildup and the drop is nothing other than filth. The next track “Becon” manages to keep the same pace, but yet up’s the destruction in a way you feel seemingly impossible, two basslines attached to the one beat – something of which Audio manages to pull off with ease. When you think nothing can get any darker…. trust it can.

Take a listen and see for yourself 😉

BLCKTNL003: Audio – Bag of Bones – EP
01 – Bag of Bones
02 – Beacon
03 – Ruffneck
04 – Blackhole

Release date:
Beatport : 2nd of September
Worldwide: 16th of September