Arkaik – Cutting Edge EP

For all you dark dnb lovers – Coming from ‘Diffrent Records’ This EP is definitely you! Some real dirty steppers in here.

The label was developed over a period of about 6-8 months, with many ideas being thrown about and discussions being made. In the end, they decided to go against all the major trends, and simply do something different. The aim was to get together a camp of producers who all contribute music, ideas and collaborations, together – creating the whole Diffrent culture, focusing on pushing the whole movement of their stripped back head-nodding drum tracks and big deep monstrous bass.

The Artist on show here goes by the name of Arkaik.. And upon listening to these tracks.. He’s definitely doing it!

Check em out below see what you think.. (My personal favorite is track entitled ‘Cutting Edge’ – get passed the long intro and its firing)

 Release: 4th Feb on Diffrent