SCAR – Palermo/Over Easy HZN080

The dangerous duo of survival and script are moving ever forward on their path of destruction through the scene, leaving a string of worn out ravers in their wake. Tearing up dance floors left right and centre; the two are no strangers to the craft, with individual releases and collaborations on some of the most revered labels in Drum and Bass, their new alias SCAR was bound to bring big things, and their forthcoming 12” on Horizons Music is absolutely huge!  This is probably my personal favourite piece from them so far, featuring two tracks on the vinyl release: ‘Palermo’ and ‘Over Easy’, plus the digital extra ‘Screen Test’.

‘Palermo’ comes in with some growling twangs backed up by gentle high hats and some curious horns, with a subtle, desperation laced cry just before we get down to the nitty gritty. The pumping bass line rolls smoothly along with the organic drums and wobbling synth. There is an extra terrestrial air to the track (and to the rest of the release for that matter) that holds elements of an early renegade hardware vibe, which is definitely great to hear in modern drum and bass.

The vibe is continued on the flip side with ‘Over Easy’. Some nice sampling sets the tone on the intro and the rolling drums set the pace. A cheeky mini breakdown just before the drop prepares us perfectly for the pulsating bass wave, which is key to the diversity of the track; this is one that will roll out strongly in a club, but still keeps a chilled element to it.

For the digital crew we have ‘Screen Test’, which possesses a more intense vibe, with strong drums from the get go, later backed by frantic beeps appearing periodically throughout the track. A very organic analogue sound has been created on the bass line, especially on the second drop where the bass drum feels like some sort of interstellar battle cry. Again the renegade hardware influence appears with the real filthy synth and aggressive style.

This is yet another great piece of wax from Horizons, head over to their store to pre order your copy