Om Unit 12" Metalheadz (META012)

London based Om Unit steps up with his latest release on this 3 track EP for the legendary Metalheadz. Om Unit’s involvement in the music scene dates back to 2003 with a number of early hip-hop releases under his previous alias 2tall. Following on from his last EP on dBridges Exit Records with Sam Binga, Om Unit  shows his versatility delivering this absolute masterpiece to Metalheadz. Jim Coles explains he wanted to take his own approach, describing it as “not your average drum & bass record”. And he’s right!

The first track Sleepwalkers offers a dark, brooding intro into sweeping pads and thudding bass. Suddenly, sharp breaks drop in and blend masterfully with stabbing bass. An echo of bongos sit perfectly over the top. A firm favourite on the EP. Next we  have Grey Skies over Chicago. An infused blend of drone like pads mixed with mid 90’s influenced breaks. A future take on the what I would class the classic Headz sound. Lastly we have The Hand which opens with atmospheric pads, progressing throughout with choppy breaks. Metalheadz are once again pushing boundaries and continuing to path the way for originality. Watch out for Timelines featuring on Platinum Breaks 4 later on this year.