Northbase – Waiting EP

I’d like to thank Northbase for luring me out of my writing coma. Every so often someone will drop an EP out of nowhere which will remind me why I do this shit. I do it so people like you don’t miss EPs like this. I present to you: Northbase’s Waiting.

‘Down system’ is so massive that I literally have to pause it to be able to write anything. This track features a drop impossible not to skank to, jump-up fan or otherwise. The word “fat” comes to mind, and to give you an indication of just how fat, I almost spelled it with a ‘Ph’. Yeah, it’s on that level.

‘Now We’re Talkin’ is in a different league entirely. Its happy techno intro gradually becomes a pulse raising bassline. The placement of this track after ‘Down System’ is Northbase’s way of saying: “Don’t worry, that’s not all we can do”. Particularly important in a time when jump-up artists are starting to look like one-trick ponies. ‘Now We’re Talkin’ is light-hearted and ridiculously catchy. Maybe not one you’ll catch dropped in the rave, but ideal for summer chilling.

‘How Do I Know’ features Alicia King, whose voice you’ll probably recognise from Majistrate’s ‘Stronger’. This track takes on a much more commercial structure without being too cliché. The whole thing has High Contrast written all over it. And I fucking love High Contrast.

Using that same energy of not taking themselves too seriously that we saw in ‘Now We’re Talkin’, the combined elements of ‘Blurred Vision’ create what has become one of my favourite tracks of this year so far. Northbase are going back to basics and demonstrating that sometimes, simplicity is key. A statement which has been long since forgotten by a lot of electronic producers right now. This track channels an old Camo & Krooked sound.

‘Ear Pressure’ has the same feel as a Billain track but slightly less frantic, while ‘Inflatable Skies’ makes me feel like I’m floating. I think we should all be thanking Northbase for they have delivered to us what is sure to become the soundtrack to our Summer 2016. If we’re smashing it with this in our ears, it’s going to be phat.

Soundtrack to summer
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