Need For Mirrors – Food HZN078

Need For Mirrors has been mad busy lately with recent releases on 117 records, Philly Blunt, Dispatch and of course Horizons, as well as championing the new mid week club night Soul in Motion alongside Bailey. Monday July 14th marks the release of his ‘Food’ EP on Horizons Music, who have been a busy bunch themselves, hosting some top notch releases from the likes of Dabs, the legendary Digital, Nitri and forthcoming music from recently formed duo SCAR and Cern & Overlook.

After listening to Need For Mirrors’ ‘Food’, I couldn’t wait to get my thoughts up on the site, so lets get to it.

A side ‘She’ feels very much like the product of the organic and the electronic; opening with a steppy late 90’s vibe intro with some robotic bass stabs as it breaks down into the funky wobble that runs through the track. The deep deadly bass line comes in with a very gritty analogue feel to it, somewhat reminiscent of early virus material, resulting in something that will have heads bouncing up and down on the dance floor with ease.

It is definitely a tough choice but I think I have to say the title track ‘Food’ is my pick of the release; it is the definition of a roller! The fairly ambient intro doesn’t allude much to the absolute largeness of what’s to follow. This one will have everyone and their Nan throwing shapes when it makes its abrupt entrance; a seriously mighty weapon to have in the arsenal.

You better watch out for the next one or your sub may just give you a smack right in the side of the head. The furious bass line on ‘Oscillator 3’ should definitely come with a warning label because it is straight up dangerous. An apocalyptic ‘rise of the machines’ feeling has been created on the intro via some clever sampling and sound editing. This slowly drifts into a few seconds of silence before the track totally breaks loose with a heavy weight drop that holds no punches. The vocal is chanting “women wind, women wind, girl wind, girl wind”. I can feel a nice bit of photek, fortran influence on this one.

‘Pedestrian’ rounds of the vinyl release in style, staying true to the tech vibe on show throughout the EP with some really exquisite drums to start us off, coupled with some varying deep and high tone horns. Then comes the 30 hertz to the chest as the dark wave cuts right through you forcing those heads to roll.

The digital crew are in for a treat with the final tune ‘Kink’; not featured on the vinyl release, much to the dismay of many a wax junkie, but a stormer none the less. This doesn’t come with any gimmicks or flashing lights, just straight drums and bass. This is one of those tracks that’s difficult to pin down to a sub genre, with a slight tech step/jump up mash up style to it, I think it is best described simply as dark dnb. Much like the rest of the EP, there’s plenty of funk and enough weight to really get those subs rocking.

From being a regular down at the Soul In Motion nights the EP has been staple down at Berners Street for the last two months! Get checking!

Catch Need For Mirrors playing at the next Soul in Motion on August 6th.

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