Mako, Villem & Mcleod – Inner Revolution / Borrowed Love – Utopia Music (UM017A)

The festive frolics are all but over. Its freezing cold, wet, I’m being blown all over the place walking the dog! Oh yeah and going back to that dreaded place called work. Yep, if you’re like me and feel that horrible pain known as the January blues, don’t fret because I think I know something that will cheer you up!

Thanks to Mako, Villem and Mcleod. They have come together and collaborated on this, the first EP from Utopia Music of 2015 and what can I say apart from ‘oh my’ this is musical bliss! All them blues can now all but be forgotten. This is going to make you feel all nice and warm inside and put that smile back on your face!

We start with the A side ‘Inner Revolution’ This is pure sunshine in a bottle. Straight from the off you can feel the warmth of the pads and synths coming through over the rolling punchy beat. The atmospherics on this tune are sublime! A heart warming female vocal is masterfully added to the track adding a lovely layering and little subtle wind chimes and left to right speaker FX action going on, giving it loads bucketloads of depth and this is just the beginning. After the break in come the piano keys, now its just time to kick back and relax while the boys from bristol take you to place far from the gloomy streets of the UK.

Onto the AA side ‘Borrowed Love
More vibes!!! This is at a slower half beat tempo affair, defiantly more chilled out but trust me its just as good as the A side. Once again we have superb lush atmospherics on this track, this time the sumptuous female vocal lyrics are brought out into the heart of the it. Where taken away to magical warm place with lovely intricate echoed stabs and warm synths and very crisp precise keys making this another must have tune for any DJ to have in there bag. Utopia Music have come up with a gem of a EP here. Pure vibes for anyone in need of a boost during the most depressing month of the year.

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