Chroma – Outline EP

This week I’m taking a look at the new EP from Chroma entitled ‘Outline’. Forthcoming on CIA, but luckily you won’t need a wire tap to get the lowdown, just read on…

Cutthroat (In-Reach Percy)

Cutthroat opens with a pace that is kept up throughout the track, setting a tone that instantly harks back to the more jungle orientated days of the pre-millenium dance floor. The drums are modern, articulate and snappy, and keep the track rollin’ from start to finish. My instant reaction to this tune was that it will be a handy one for the DJ’s out there due to it’s mix friendly arrangement, solid percussive elements and distinctive, clean sound.


Another clean and fresh sounding arrangement from the Chroma team on this one. Crisp beats that are a kind of hybrid between the sound of a Steppaz riddim and the pace of a roller, all underpinned by a most satisfying baseline. This track is similarly understated like ‘Cutthroat’ but carries with it a uniqueness that is instantly recognisable. Watch out for the cheeky bongos in the drum patterns off set by catchy 808 hook… garaunteed to get you nodding!

Intermission (Break Remix)

With break at the helm you know the score… Smashed everythime. This remix is particularly complementary to the rest of the release as you can hear the familiar vibe of Chroma’s bright and crisp drums, coupled with the powerful production techniques and edits of Symmetry’s finest. Indeed the original sounds of the Chroma version lend themselves perfectly to Break’s style and compliment his bass work on this remix well.


Another classic sounding track for the last one on this release. Rolling with a sound that’s instantly recognisable as being represented by CIA, this track also harks back to the sound of the late 90’s. Deep subs and warbling bass modulations, underpinned by dirty breaks and eerie rave sounds carry this roller through nicely. Although the vocal may not be to everyone’s taste, there’s no denying the dance floor appeal of this track, making this release a handy go to for any DJ’s collection.

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